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Leading purchasers and suppliers want to drive better working practices and improve protection of the most vulnerable in society – including the prevention of modern slavery. We conduct due diligence on suppliers and combine that information with their treatment of employees.

Areas applicable: Construction, Hospitality, Transport, Agriculture.

This is how it works:

  • Each supplier within the chain uses our Employment Services to ensure policy and regulatory compliance
  • Each employee gets a RealMeID. SafeGuarden securely holds their right to work documentation, qualifications and certificates, which remain fully under the employee’s control
  • The lead contractor uses the RealYou to scan an employee’s RealMe ID when they turn up on site or visit premises. At that point the employee shares relevant information with lead contractor. Evidence of that transfer is stored on the RealMe blockchain
  • SafeGuarden reduces GDPR exposure by providing secure, transparent and consented data exchange

For the Freelance Worker and Employee:

  • We will issue a RealMe ID and grant full complementary access to SafeGuarden
  • The RealMe digital wallet to provide portable identity, documents and certificates
  • The RealMeID can also enable additional secure access controls to your services and premises
  • SafeGuarden supports easy integration of third party, well-being and employee assistance services

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