Customer Screening

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Our customer screening services allow you to reduce your GDPR and security risks as well as provide evidence to your insurers. No more multiple databases, containing multiple documents.

Your Customers manage their manage their personal data in SafeGuarden. They grant you access to that data as they are required to do for your terms of your customer agreements and regulatory obligations. If that data changes, expires or is withdrawn we will alert you immediately.

In the meantime, the Spotlite compliance system has your back.

  • We capture evidence that you have seen the original documents were appropriate under UK law
  • For on line customers we provide you access to the IntergrityGateway to verify identity automatically
  • We ensure your policy and regulatory obligations are met at onboarding and through on-going monitoring
  • We provide you and your customer’s with identifiers that link with your systems

For the customer, we will:

  • Issue a RealMe ID and grant full complementary access to SafeGuarden
  • You can offer access to your services and premises as you require
  • You can offer third party and well being services as you may choose to do

Details documents and personal data transferred between you and your employee are retained on the RealMe blockchain for the benefit of both parties.

Customer Screening

Spotlite is the ideal mobile app for you to capture customer information and evidence that they have performed their regulatory and risk assessments.

These are simple, easy to use apps for Applicants and Staff—no specialist training is required.

Our Customer Screening Service packs includes access to SafeGuarden.

Our On-Boarding Service Pack:

  • Collects evidence that documents have been checked by whom, when and where
  • ID Verification with Equifax and checks across 26 countries powered by GBG ID3 Global
  • Social Media Search for public information on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Branding and Customisation options including Company Policy and Control Standards
  • Full traceability and management information across departments, branches, agents and individual users
  • Full GDPR disclosure to the Applicant
  • In-Command Dashboard and CRM for Business and Enterprise Customers
  • SafeGuarden reduces GDPR exposure by providing secure, transparent and consented data exchange

Our On-going Service Pack includes:

  • Options to add multiple jurisdictions and languages
  • Multi bureau links with Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, plus links with GBG and Social Media
  • Full Decision Analytics integration with GDS Link
  • Full Business IQ integration with Experian

For the customer:

  • We will issue a RealMe ID and grant full complementary access to SafeGuarden
  • The RealMeID can also enable additional secure access controls to your services and premises
  • SafeGuarden supports easy integration of third party, well-being and employee assistance services

For details of our Pay-as-you-go and Subscription options, see our Subscription Services page.

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