Membership, Rewards and eCertification Schemes

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We bring membership and certification schemes into the world of smartphones and smartdevices. Any membership card, any voucher, any certificate and any other digital ID can me included into The Real Me digital wallet.

This is how it works:

  • Use RealMe to easily verify and securely sign up Citizens/Consumers/Students
  • Ensure you remain GDPR compliant via SafeGuarden, our secure, transparent and consent controlled data exchange and integrity gateway
  • Keep participants informed of Activities & Events, Promotions & Discounts, Exams & Results
  • Issue templated e-certificates, e-coupons and e-vouchers with controlled renewal, expiry and real-time validation options
  • Use our RealYou companion app to scan any e-documents presented for access management, rapid registration or real-time validation
  • Central CRM portal and MI for you to manage and communicate to your members or agents

For the Member:

  • We will issue a RealMe ID and grant full complementary access to SafeGuarden
  • The RealMeID can also enable additional secure access controls to your services and premises
  • SafeGuarden supports easy integration of third party, well-being and employee assistance services

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